Autofill Feature

• Jun 22, 2017 - 10:35

I have never seen a feature like this on any notation software, but as musescore is my favourite (and the best) I thought I would share it with you.

In a similar way to Google's autofill feature when you're searching for something, I thought perhaps when composing in musescore and a melody reappears that you have used multiple times within that piece, the program could offer an optional autofill for this section of melody.

I understand this may be a long way off, but it would be great if someone could write a plugin for this.


It's an interesting idea, but just to be sure: are you aware MuseScore supports copy and paste? This should already make it very easy to reuse material.

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I am starting to use MuseScore to transcribe some PDF scores in order to render them to MP3 for my choir's members. I find myself craving the feature described above.

I understand that MuseScore supports copy and paste and that it does help. But it requires me to:
- Locate a previous occurence of the phrase I am trying to repeat
- Copy the phrase
- Find my way back to the place where I wanted to repeat the phrase, then paste it

The feature that is described above is much more direct and user-friendly. It is similar to "predictive typing" features that you find in apps or device where typing is difficult (ex: phones). Being able to see a sequence of notes that the system thinks you are about to type, and being able to click on the last note of the prediction that is correct would be really cool.

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