Bb=B & B=H in Harmony Properties

• Sep 20, 2013 - 00:17

I was editing more of my score when I ran across this. My chord names changed to "H" where there are supposed to be "B".

I opened up a new score to see if it is consistent, but it does not seem to be. However, I did find that double flat and double sharp do not display. But, when double clicking the chord after it is placed in the score, it shows up as double flat or double sharp.

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Under Style/Edit General Style/Chordnames you have "Use German Names" checked. Change this, save, close and reload the score

As for the double-flats, where should they be in your score?

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Oh, thanks. I didn't know I had done that. Where's the easy button?

And, about the doubles, I was just messing around with those. I don't need them in the score. But, is it true that they aren't working? I'm on a phone right now, can't check at the moment.

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Honestly, I haven't used double sharp/flat so I don't know. But as to my previous question, where _should_ there be doubles in your sample score? Your original post makes it sound like there should be, and my quick test to put them in the chord name worked, so are there supposed to be some in your score?

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It's strange, it worked for me yesterday. I added "bb" to one of the chords in your score and it worked. What's even weirder is they entered as the flat symbol, not the "b" like normal. Today I can't make it work at all.

Granted, I don't use double sharp/flat either in chords, but they seem to work in MS 2.0 chords names.

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I'm away from my computer this weekend, but I'd be shocked it double flats or double sharps have ever worked in any capacity in any version of MuseScore within the context of chord symbols. Then again, I'm shocked anyone would think to want them to. And equally shocked anyone would ever try to use the Harmony Properties dialog for anything. Guess I'm easily surprised :-)

Anyhow, there's a chance Harmony Properties will go away for 2.0, as the whole way chord symbols work has been pretty fundamentally changed and whatever small use Harmony Properties may have had will be largely gone. If there is something people are using Harmony Properties for that they don't think will be adequately replaced by the new What You Type Is What You Get chord symbol facility in 2.0, definitely let me know. Also, if there is actual need for double flats or double sharps to work.

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I guess I'm glad I could surprise you. For what it's worth, that harmony properties dialog - for me - was a great visual to help me correct chords names. But, I guess making it What You Type Is What You Get could be just fine. I'd have to wait and see first hand how the new facility works out before I can tell you what I feel about what it didn't adequately replace.


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Well, I tried posting a video to YouTube shortly after your comment, Marc, but my internet was suddenly really slow and my upload failed. Now that I have finally posted the video, please take a look at it. There is no audio, but the differences between 1.3 and the nightly (version is listed in the description) are shown.

Please let me know if that is not sufficient information, and I'll try rephrasing what I mean.

Edit: Oops! Forgot the link.

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If I'm understanding correctly, you are observing that when choosing a non-standard third font for your chord symbols, too much space is left before the flat sign when using the default chord description file that was designed to work well with the default font? I tried to word that in a way that should suggest what I think is going on :-). Each font has different characteristics, and it's impossible to design a single chord description file that works with all fonts. So in general, if you want to choose a custom font, you should expect to need to customize the chord description file for optimum rendering.

Still, it shouldn't be that far off. Something seems wrong. Could you submit an issue?

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