Allow selection, cut, and paste of built up symbols

• Sep 25, 2013 - 18:15

There are a lot of symbols available, but not all symbols. In many cases (but not all), the desired symbol can be 'built up' from available symbols. It would be really nice if once you had built a 'compound' symbol, you could select all the elements in it, allowing you to move the whole thing as one. Also, to store it in a library of self-defined symbols so you could easily repeat it. An acceptable alternative would be to allow it to be duplicated via cut/paste.

Additionally, it would be nice to have a way to create/import symbols which cannot be created from existing symbols.


One of the features of Musescore is the ability to drag and drop images into the score.
Such graphical elements can even be resized by double clicking and dragging the 'handles'.
The *arrows* in the attachment are a pair of '.png' files which I keep on hand.

I imagine one could create and save (as .png or .jpg) their own library of favorites. Then simply drag and drop into MS when needed.


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Here's what I just did.
1. Deleted all instances I could find of the Piano.mscz file on my system.
2. Logged on to the Forum and, this time, downloaded Piano.mscz by using 'save target as'.
3. Took a screenshot of the file's properties, which I overlaid on #4 (which follows).
4. Opened the file in Musescore, right clicked on one of the embedded .png arrows, and was able to access the image properties dialog. Saved a screenshot, which I combined with #3 above.
See attachment.

Musescore 1.3 rev. 5702
Windows XP sp3

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This works, and probably would be just fine for images which are not on the staff. However, if the image is supposed to be on the staff (like a 2 measure repeat) you do not appear to be able to 'force' a relationship between the size saved and the size imported. This means that you always have to resize and relocate the image to get the staff and bar lines to match up, which is more of a pain than building the symbols out of multiple symbols.

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