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• Jul 1, 2017 - 03:56

I did a search for this but didn't find an appropriate answer.

I would like to minimize the distance between the 1st and 2nd, and 2nd and 3rd staves.
But not touch the distance between the following staves.
The end goal being everything will fit on one page instead of two.

Can I do this in v. 2.2.0?


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Best way is to attache the score ;-).

You can change the minimal staff distance before in the general settings for all staffs:


You can use right click-> staff properties and changing the option "extra distance above" (I suppose this is you're looking for):


or as mentioned to move a staff while with pressing "shift" + left mouse click.

You can also change a distance via spacers:


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Thanks for helping kuwitt!

General settings won't help me. This is to change the distance for just two staves. The rest of the staves need to be regular spacing.

I tried all suggestions above but they didn't work/help.

Please ignore the second page. Things got pushed over as I was trying different things. There will just be one page for the song.

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As Time Goes By.mscz 20.02 KB

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Thanks very much Shoichi!

I opened both files and they look good! :)
I would like to know a few things if possible?

How did you accomplish it?
Also why is screen size of the notes/chords in the second file smaller?
I see both files are at 100%.

I just tried to decrease the Style/General/Page/Min system distance, and that fixed the
spacing between the first two staves.

But I should also learn what you did with the spacers for the next few staves and also how you tightened up the bar spacing for the last part of the song?

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In the second attached (By02) see:Layout->Scaling.

Eg.: Open your score, Layout-> Scaling sets the page size to A3, you can have it all on one page. At printing stage, it will be adjusted to the paper size, but it will appear made smaller.

In the first attached (By01):
I set Min system distance to 7.0 sp;
I added spacers;
With Inspector I adjusted the lyrics;
I've eliminated section breaks;
I've selected measures from 12 to 41, Layout->Decrease stretch.

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