The upload reverb issue, revisited :-)

• Jul 1, 2017 - 11:31

The reverb issue is a problem for me on my platform. Uploading scores is filled with annoying reverb. It sounds like a cave or big church. So far I have not succeeded in making all the good answers work for me. Such as changing synthesizers, turning down effect to O on all parameters. Save to score etc. I can set the synthesizer setting to "no effects". I can turn the effects down to 0 in Zita and save to score. And it sounds nice, dry and transparent on my computer. But when uploaded the reverb has sneaked its way into the score again.

Today I saw a new feature In Musescore 2.0, which enables me to send an mp3 file directly from my synthesizer (and settings I suppose) directly online. Thought that my problems was over. But the feature is greyed out = not available?


You have to have mp3 export enabled on your computer (try doing one manually) and you need to have non-default synthesizer settings. Not sure if merely turning down reverb counts. BTW, most listening will appreciate a little reverb which is why it is present by default, so you might consider leaving it in place if the goal is to present your music to others.

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