Using multiple soundfonts - how????

• Sep 29, 2013 - 14:48

I've just been playing with the multiple soundfonts facitily.

I have 2 loaded - the default Fluid.sf3 and the Jeux,sf2 pipe organ sound font.

Despite having sounds from both listed in the mixer, only sounds from the first soundfont in the list are playing.

Am I doing something wrong or does this need reporting in the issue tracker?


I don't know the answer to your question - but do you need to open the synthesizer window, select the soundfont you want to use and hit "load" ?

I never really figured out what that button is for or why it would be required, but I hit it out of habit and multiple soundfonts play back OK for me.

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Each soundfont works fine on its own

New score, existing score, imported from 1.3 or created from 2.0 all behave the same.

Despite having the sounds from both soundfonts listed in the mixer only sounds from the one listed first in the synthesiser will play even if you select a sound from the second.

So Lasconic what procedure do you follow to use 2 soundfonts simultaneously?

I have noticed that moving a soundfont up to first position in the synthesiser window turns its typeface heavier than the rest, suggesting that is the one selected.

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From a clean Musescore 04f6cea64a

  1. Create a score for two flutes
  2. Add note to both staves
  3. go to Preferences and make sure you have a path with soundfonts in Soundfonts folders
  4. Go to view -> Synthesizer -> add, click the soundfont and close the dialog. (I use freezstar-brasil kit.sf2 for the test), it contains only one instrument.
  5. Go to mixer, click on Flute for the first instrument and scroll up to the first instrument, the one from the brasilian soundfont. Select it and close the mixer
  6. Play, first flute is now playing some brasilian notes, second flute sounds like a flute

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Well this is very strange.

I've followed the procedure Lasconic details above.

I have tried with a new self build, and with the latest nightly build, but still, although I can select sounds from both soundfonts in the mixer MuseScore still only plays the sounds from the first soundfont in the list.

Is this a Windows 8 thing??

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OK, I think I may have found the issue here:

* If the two soundfonts don't use the same banks, then there's no issue.
* If they do use the same banks, then those higher up the list in the synthesizer window overwrite those lower down. So if you try to mix jeux.sf2 with a general MIDI font, then one will always overwrite the other as jeax uses banks 0 and 1.

The only solution I can see for you at present is to use polyphone or Viena to extract those presets you want from either jeux or general midi and put them in a new font in some other bank.

The annoying thing is that software MIDI players like SynthFont do not have this limitation (so the other solution is to export MIDI and play back in SynthFont).

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No particular sounds, but if you select program 1 from Jeux (Montre) for the 1st instrument in the score and program 1 from FluidRS (Yamaha Grand Piano) for the second you should get a downward C major scale first with an organ sound and then with a piano sound in the attached test piece - in fact they both sound the same, either piano or organ depending which soundfont is first in the list.

Don't try to open this file with 1.3 - it won't load!

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Hello. I've figured it out. If you go to the mixer, you half to pick the sounds from the sound fonts you want. The sounds will be organized by sound font, so to find the sounds from the second sound font, you must scroll past the first.

Instead of just some complicated thing, here is a simple solution.

(This might work for Mac users only. Please check this solution to see if it works with Windows as well).

The Musescore sheet is playing a previous version of itself. Let me explain. When you add the new SoundFont, it won't work because it is not saved into the Musescore SoundFont file. Once you save and restart, the new SoundFont will be available to use.

Then you will be able to use multiple sound fonts

Hello ChurchOrganist from ten years ago. You can try Musescore 4, but it hasn't come out yet. You have to wait ten years but just hold tight, it'll be here.

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