Sound Is Garbled

• Sep 30, 2013 - 15:45

I have been playing with the nightlies over the last couple of weeks as they have become more stable. The playback was fine a couple of weeks, but last week MuseScore started having a "garbled" sounding playback. I chalked it up to a problem with one of the nightlies, but it has persisited, and I don't see anyone else posting anything about it.

I am running a Windows XP machine, and it happens with any score opened or created in 2.0. I tried switching to the TimGM soundfont, but I got the same results. I tried creating a new Flute solo score from scratch, and I created a short mp3 that shows what it sounds like -

When I export it to mp3, it sounds just fine, so it's just the playback within MuseScore. Any idea what would be causing this problem and how to fix it?


I have the same problems on my WIN XP PC
with terribly distored sounds - using FluidR3_GM2-2.sf3
Also the tempo is too slow.

Sound and tempo are ok in all nightly-builds
before 2013-09-18 9491c2a
so - it seems to be a 2.0 problem

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Those are my preferences as well, likewise I've never changed them (didn't know you could!).

By way of experiment I changed to DirectSound output and restarted: the program wouldn't even play back a single note much less a score :-(

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