Musescore crashes whilst creating parts from score!

• Oct 3, 2013 - 23:02


I have a small score of an arrangement for a beginner brass ensemble and I can create parts for Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2 and Cornet but when I try to create parts for Trombone, Euphonium and Baritone Sax Musescore crashes!??

I have attached the file. Any ideas? I could do with this working asap as I need the parts for tomorrow night!


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You have attach voltas (repeat endings) to each staff in the score. Don't do that. Attach to the top staff only, they will automatically be replicated in parts. Of course, this shouldn't crash MuseScore either, but it does currently. I believe that's already been fixed for 2.0, but still - don't create voltas anywhere but top staff.

As for text properties, these can changed for text already entered by right clicking and choosing Text Properties. Or double click to edit the text, select all, make your changes in the toolbar at bottom. Or, for text not yet added, change the style in Style / Edit Text Style.

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Thanks for the quick reply :)

I can't seem to be able to edit the bar numbers position.
I've tried to do this using the - STYLE menu then EDIT TEXT STYLE but this does not change it. I've also tried to right click or double click a bar number but it won't select it?

Also, there's a strange line in bar 9 of the Cornet part?? How do I get rid of that?

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Measure numbers are generated on the fly as the score is laid out, so a change to the text style will take effect only when needed. A reload of the score will do the trick.

The line appears to be a stem that you accidentally dragged away from its head. Look directly below and you'll see the stemless note it belongs to. Click the stem and hit Ctrl-R to return it where it belongs.

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Well, what X and Y settings are you using? Have you changed them to something that overlaps the staff? The defaults normally work fine, but starting from there, positive numbers will move the numbers down and to the right - which is to say, into the staff. In the score you posted, they appear right where they are normally supposed: directly above the left edge of the staff. Where do you want them instead?

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Ah, it's probably the bug discussed here:

If I understand correctly, the measure numbers display correctly at first, but if you make the "mistake" of looking at the dialog, not changing anything but hitting OK or Apply anyhow, the measure numbers move for some reason. Not sure if there is anything that makes them return to normal, but still, setting the Y parameter to -1.5 or so then reloading *does* work, even though it probably should make them too high if 0 if actually the correct setting.

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