help with D.S. and D.C. to repeat volta's/ barline repeats again

• Jul 5, 2017 - 22:14

So i'm having this trouble of having the song repeat the 1st volta. every time it jumps pass the 1st volta and continues on. this what I'm trying to do. Behind_Blue_Eyes.pdf I'm trying to have the music go back to the segno which goes back to here Behind_Blue_Eyes 1.pdf then have it repeat the 1st volta again here Behind_Blue_Eyes 2.png but every time it skips the 1st volta it I need some help fixing this problem or clarification. thank you

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Such a roadmap, as easy as it looks, seems too complicated for MuseScore.
Assuming you meant 1.+3. and 2.+4. If you really meant 1.-3. and 2.-4. that roadmap is to complex even for real musicians.
And I'm not sure what that has to do with D.S. etc. With this repeats are never taken. The next version will support that though

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This "roadmap" is quite common in France (structure of some regional musics).
What I notice most is the wrong orientation of the repeat bar closing the last volta.
Mostly, the setting of voltas is counterintuitive because illogical ( already discussed in other treads ). MuseScore absolutely can not handle this for the rest, in this field it is rather powerful.

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In the handbook there is an example for voltas: "this volta will be played during repeat 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. Another volta will have the other ending, like 3, 6 and possibly other higher numbers like 8, 9, etc." So, this case seems to be supported by the volta properties. Isn't it?

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So then how would I have the song go back to the verse without having to use a D.S. or D.C.
if I use a barline repeat its gonna go back to the recent barline repeat in the song which you could see on the picture of the score. I'm guessing that musescore doesn't support numbering repeats/ labeling so that its easier for you to have specific jumps in a song?

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