Interested in helping on Spanish Translations

• Oct 7, 2013 - 11:43


I'd like to help on translating MuseScore to Spanish on my spare time. What do I need to do to get started?


That may depend on whether you want to help translating for the current 1.x or for the upcomming 2.0.
In case of the latter, please see

I just noticed that the former seems to have been discontinued.

So you'd need to get yourself an account on and then ask for membership in the spanish translator's Group.

Hey Angel, please see this very recent update about changes to the translation system:

We want to make sure that works out fine first, and then we'll set the next steps to call out to all translators to help us translate the future MuseScore 2.0.

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Hi, I translate for the LilyPond project and would like to work in MuseScore as well. I opened an account in transifex and joined the Spanish team with no need of request. I have been translating a bit already. What's the protocol of reviewing?
Best regards

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Welcome on board Pacovila! There is no protocol of reviewing yet. We are still figuring things out.

What we know is that we want to reach these goals for each translation:

  • 100% completion
  • top quality (consistent jargon)
  • continuous and quick updates

We are thinking to reach out to music conservatories to make this happen. Tbc.

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Yes, my goal is 100% completion, of course, and best quality and consistent jargon. This is not always easy though, because identical strings sometimes refer to different concepts and we don't always have the full context available.

And I work in a music conservatoire , if that helps.

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@Pacovilla Could you highlight one string in particular which has different translations based on the context? With a concrete example, I will try to find out how to improve the contextual reference.

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For example,
3428 Scale (is it a verb or is it a noun?)
182 Up -- "Arrriba" (probably a direction)
217 Up -- "Subir" (probably a verb - move up)
2373 Flöte (should not be translated -- it's an organ registry)
2367 Octave (should it be translated -- is it an organ registry?)
2377 Trumpet (should it be translated -- is it an organ registry? At first it probably should, but then it shouldn't)

It would help a lot in general to know whether a word is a verb or a noun, and whether it is to be translated or not.


Hi, I'am also interested on this, and just joined the spanish translation team at transifex too. I'am also a programmer so could help on other things but will start with translations.

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