Chord Names not displaying properly

• Oct 14, 2013 - 12:36

Hi. First of all, I'm using the October 14 Nightly Build on Kubuntu 13.04.

While trying to create a chord chart I noticed a problem with the chord names. If I write only the letter of the chord, it displays properly. But as soon as I start adding sevenths, or any other extension or alterations to the chords, the letter corresponding to the chord name is lost (or hidden from normal view). Only the extension or alteration text is shown. However, when I click on the chord to edit it, the letter corresponding to the chord name is still there

Am I missing something I'm not aware off? Or maybe this feature is not yet implemented yet on the nightlies? Anyway, it would be good to be able to test the chord functions, if possible.

I'm attaching the file I created, as well as some screenshots of what I see on my computer. See if anyone can reproduce this.


Chord symbol entry does normally work in the nightlies - and indeed is much improved over 1.3 in that it is much more flexible. So this *should* work.

When I load your file, I see all the chords appearing normally - C7, F7, etc. And I find I can edit them just fine and add new ones too. So it's possibly something off on your end. Is this the first nightly build you've installed? How was this score created - did you create it from scratch in 2.0? Use a template? Create it in 1.3 then load it into 2.0? If you download the file you uploaded and load it, does it display normally for you too?

If this file was originally created using a nightly from several months ago then loaded into a current nightly, I could possibly see that causing problems.

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Oh, that would definitely explain it if all you have is the binary. Does that really work aside from chords? I guess instruments.xml is compiled in, but you wouldn't get the soundfonts, templates and a number of other things you'd probably want.

To get chord symbols working in a nightly build you would need chords_std.xml and/or chords_jazz.xml, both in the styles folder. They could be downloaded directly from the source on github (share/styles, I think); no compilation required.

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Mark, now that you mention it, I realize I have no sound (I was focused on the writing features that I didn't test that out). So maybe it has no soundfont associated.

There may be other missing feautures, but I have not tested extensively. So another reason to look into the GIT version.

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