Colored Noteheads

• Jul 14, 2017 - 06:40

Hi, my name is Danilo Chaib
I am a cello teacher at the Escola de Música de Brasília ( Brazil )
To teach beginners, I always paint the heads of the notes with colours.
In this way, they can recognise the notes easier, as they are in that stage that they have to count lines and spaces to know where the notes are.
I am attaching the examples of the software I use for this ( Finale 2014 )
Once you have a document opened, if you click Crtl + K you will have the window for Color Noteheads.
You then select the staff you want the notes colored (apparently if you want all staffs you'll have to do the same selection for each).
If you click in Settings, it will appear another window with many options, even to choose which color you want for each note (there is an standard set of colored notes proposed by Finale, and to save time I always use this option - if you do as well, never mind do go to this settings page).
I hope musescore soon will improve its software to have this colour option.
The educational possibilities with this tool are enormous.
Thank you.
Danilo Chaib

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A bit longer. The default behavior of Finale is already possible in MuseScore 2.1.

* Open MuseScore
* Go to Plugins > Plugin Manager and check "color notes"
* Press OK.
* Open a score
* Go to Plugins > Notes > Color notes

Done. Next time you want to do this, no need to go to the plugin manager again, the plugin is now installed and you can access it anytime in Plugins > Notes > Color notes

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