MIDI output to keyboard

• Oct 25, 2013 - 21:29

How do I play my files through an external keyboard? I have a MIDI to USB adapter, but when I play back a file, there is no MIDI output. Does Musescore support this function?


Can you play into MuseScore?

I suspect you have the cables reversed. The in of the keyboard should be connected to the out of the computer.


It may be you need to set it up so they can talk.


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I did have the cables hooked up correctly. I got around the problem by downloading a free sequencer, and it plays the MIDI file back through the keyboard just fine. So I still would like some info, if anyone has it, on using MuseScore as a sequencer.

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Short response: MuseScore is mainly focused on being a Notation Program. It is not really great for use as a sequencer - you'd be better off using a dedicated sequencer and then transporting it into MS where you could tweak and use the notation. Again, it is primarily a Notation program.


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Is there a reason you need to use your keyboard? See Soundfont for info on getting better playback sounds within the need for MIDI or any other external programs. Anyhow, MuseScore does not support direct MIDI output. It does support output by way of something called JACK, which I guess can sort of be used to simulate direct MIDI output if you are determined enough and for some reason simply installing an appropriate soundfont doesn't cut it. Do a search for more info on JACK.

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I had a little play with getting this going, and sadly Sonar X5 will not communicate with Jack.

I have had MuseScore connected to both Ardour and Aeolus for recording and pipe organ sounds respectively on my Ubuntu Studio test setup.

I'm concluding therefore that an application must be Jack compatible in order to get this to work.

What would be helpful for those of us wishing to use external MIDI gear is a list of Jack compatible Windows applications.

The ones listed on the Jack support site all seem to be Linux applications.

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