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• Nov 5, 2013 - 15:53

All that I really want to do is replace the initial rest with a note (G) upon repeat. I tried rendering it with alternate endings, but it won't jump to a terza volta (which I placed where my coda is), and if I keep my DC alla coda it won't register the existence of the "To Coda" if there are volta brackets.

I'm not sure how this would actually be done in standard notation - my original idea was to simply include the note (in place of the rest) and make it small, but then it's not really clear that it is only intended for the repeat and not for the initial beginning. I've scoured the internet for an answer to this question, but I must be using the wrong key words.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Well, I wouldn't compromise what make musical sense just to get around limitations in computer playback in the current version. If using endings makes sense, do that in the version intended for human consumption. If for some reason you also need computer playback to honor this, you could rewrite that passage to avoid the repeat completely (eg, use copy and paste) or export to MIDI and edit it there.

But the idea of putting a note in small or in parens and including a "2nd time only" or whatever is also common and effective - again, for humans, if not for computer playback.

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