Cannot save extracted part

• Nov 7, 2013 - 18:06

I have found myself unable to save a part extracted from a score. Can anyone else reproduce this?

1. Open a score.
2. File > Parts...
3. 'Create' a part
4. Close 'Parts...' window.
5. View the new part.
6. Save, or Save As.

Result: Nothing.

I can continue to alter and save the score that the part came from, but for some reason the extracted part is un-savable. Not even choosing "Save a Copy" does anything.


I have just tried doing this to a completely different score than the one it was happening with, and extracted parts from that one seem to work just fine. So, I'm uploading the bugged score. Hopefully, I can delete it once saving the parts is working properly.

Edit: Score deleted because problem was fixed.

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