Different barline at the end of a song

• Nov 10, 2013 - 12:47


I wrote a small, easy song for a Dutch childrens book.
I almost completed the song in MuseScore but I still have one thing that I can't find out.

I made 4 staff-lines. Every staff-line has the same barline at the end. I want for the last staffline an 'ending'
barline. When I press on that barline, every staff-line gets the same 'ending' barline. How can a create a
'ending' barline for only my fourth staff-line?



I believe you created a score for 4 instruments instead of creating a score for one instrument on 4 lines. If you press play, you will see that the music of the 4 lines is played at the same time.

To solve your problem, create a new score for one instrument only. For example a flute. Set the time signature, key signature etc... and then select the barline where you want to have a second line of music and press Enter. Do the same for the 3rd and 4th line. When it's done, copy paste the first line of music from your wrong score to the new one you just created. To do so, click on the first measure, shift click on the last note of the last measure, and then press Ctrl + C. Go to your new score, and paste (Ctrl + V). Do it for the remaining line.

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