Transpose exercise to all 12 keys

• Nov 11, 2013 - 16:18

I have a little 4-bar exercise in Bb I want to transpose into all 12 keys. So the first one I just copy paste and then transpose to the next key which would be B. So it does it, but does not set new keysig, so everything is accidentals. Well OK and I drag the 5#'s keysig into the first bar of the new one and good all the accientals go away and the chords are transpose perfectly and everything is good. WOO HOO THIS IS A PIECE OF CAKE. NOT SO FAST.
So the next key is C. So I try copy paste the first one and transpose to C and it goes all crazy. For example the first note of the model one is F -- the 5 degree of the scale, then in B it should be (and is) F#, and in C it should be G. But no it makes it a C and all the notes and chords are wrong. Did it twice just to be sure it wasn't my mistake. Workaround was to create a temporary file, transpose to each key copy in and drag in the appropriate keysig. Kinda klunky. WTF was it thinking??? Just curious.

Also on my machine (Mac) in the keysigs palette I can only see 5 flats for the Gb one, even though the scrollover is correct an if you drag it it does indeed do 6 flats. But while doing it quickly I mistook it for Db I didn't realize you can scroll the whole palette over to see it all.


I created the attached file by starting with a blank score and adding 12 instruments. I copied the first line to each of the others. Then I added the key signatures. Then I selected lines 2 thru 12 and pressed the Up Arrow to increase by a semi-tone. I repeated this for line 3 thru 12, lines 4 thru 12 etc. The result is that each line is a semi-tone higher than the last. I dropped lines 5 thru 12 by an octave to make it look neater.

Some lines will look wrong because MS may have placed sharps instead of flats that fit the key. For lines in which lots of sharps appear, select the line and then UpArrow DownArrow usually corrects it.

I don't recommend that you play this piece back unless you are writing for console games.

If you attach your original score maybe someone with a Mac can see if this is a reproducible bug.

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