Correct 'font'?

• Nov 13, 2013 - 16:23

On a favourite sheet music piece I have entered with muse score, I do not see 'sfz' dynamic in palette. If I enter it as normal text onto the sheet music, how can I change the font to be the same as for the other dymamics which are included in Musescore? Also the same 'font' is needed for tempo changes, as it looks different in Musescore than what it does on my original sheet music.



Which version of MuseScore? I'm using 1.2 and you just click on the note then type L to bring up a large palette of dynamics. If you have need of one that isn't there (say you'd like sffz, for instance) then just select the nearest equivalent, place it on the score then click on it and add the letter(s) of your choice.

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