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• Nov 18, 2013 - 20:34

I have been trying to adjust the position of page numbers using the Style/Edit Text Style menu. Regardless of how I adjust the parameters, the page numbers (odd and even) all appear centered. I am trying to adjust them to appear at the left/right margins. I notice that there are seven choices for alignment. I understand that the first three are align left, center, and right. But regardless of what setting I use, they remain centered. I don't know what the remaining four choices do. Perhaps this is my problem and I need to make some adjustment to the last four.

Can someone assist?


ISTR that page number formatting is broken in 1.3 which I assume you are using.

I may be mistaken.

Have you tried saving the score and then reloading it after you have made your changes?

Sometimes this makes all the difference.

Here's a posting on of a 5 page score with page numbers at the margins:

You can open it in MuseScore, then go to menu item: Style / Edit Text Style / Page Number and compare the Offset settings for odd/even pages.

As ChuchOrganist advises, use menu: File / Reload to save any changes you make and to re-open the score.


I don't know the details, but I suspect that the text style settings are not what you want, or at least not all you want. I think you also need to check style / edit general style / numbers, and see the "odd/even" checkbox. But I have never messed with that, and it didn't work as I expected when I tried it just now. My page numbers are always in the corners, and that option is always checked, but unchecking it didn't change anything even after a save/reload. So I guess it may be some combination of that and the text style.

This all changes for 2.0 - page number position will be controlled more directly through the footer mechanism.

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