MuseScore Won't Even Open

• Aug 12, 2009 - 19:11

After being thrown around by trying to figure out how to get my MIDI to work, I now can't even get MuseScore to open. I'm running Linux.

To get my MIDI to work, I was told I had to start JACK and then open MuseScore. But whenever I did this, I couldn't open any files (when I went to Open, the browser was blank. If I clicked into the left, I could see the locations on my computer, but I couldn't search them at all). So I closed JACK, restarted MuseScore, and opened a file. Then I changed my settings to "Continue Where I Left Off" or what-not, closed MuseScore again, opened JACK, then tried to re-open MuseScore. I got the taskbar item at the bottom that said that Ubuntu was starting MuseScore, but after about 10 seconds it disappeared without any action. I tried this a couple times to no avail, closed JACK and tried it again. Still nothing. I did "sudo apt-get remove" on MuseScore, then went to Add/Remove under Applications and reinstalled it, but it STILL doesn't open.

I'm at a complete and utter loss, and EXTREMELY frustrated. My group is counting on me to write out the music, and, obviously, I can't.


This sounds like a problem with version 0.9.3 or earlier. 0.9.3 is quite old and 0.9.5 is almost out (should be out in the next couple days). See the instructions on the download page of this website to obtain a newer version.

In the mean time you can reset to "Factory settings" which removes any changes to the preferences. From the command line type mscore -F. If you are using 0.9.3 or earlier then it is best not to change the settings to "Continue previous session".

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I downloaded straight from Add/Remove programs, and I have v. .9.4, so I dunno... I'll check and see if this works...
HAHA!! Fantastic!! I didn't need to change any settings, and the MIDI works without any weird bugs when opening files! Thanks so much!!!!

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