sFz and fp markings

• Aug 13, 2009 - 14:04

I am transcribing some hard to read manual manuscripts, and have not figured out how to create a forte-piano or sfortzando. (Rev 1926 on pre-release 9.5 on windows xp)

Related, I have also not figured out how to add tempo changes ( rit. rall. accel. ) or markings such as leggiaro. (I looked in text - tempo, and did not see a listing there - I am not sure that is where they belong.)

If an entry method exists, perhaps this is really a documentation question. I have been reading and searching for a couple of days (ran across some nice features, but not these - yet)

Thanks - Mike
ps - developers - keep up the good work.


In reply to by David Bolton

First of all, I agree with the original poster - this is a great piece of software even in its current unfinished form. I cannot wait to see what it develops into over the next couple of years!

I am currently transcribing a piece which desperately needs a ritardando, but there does not seem to be any reasonable way to do this in the current version of MuseScore (0.9.5 as of this time). Changing the tempo text will not achieve this, unless I change it again and again for each note throughout the slowing section.

I would very much like to see this capability added in a near future release of MuseScore. (Developers: hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink, etc. :) )

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