Repeats: I hope i'm just confused...

• Nov 30, 2013 - 07:55

musescore v1.3 revision 5702 running on a dell 64 bit machine running windows 7 service pack 1.

i have a mozart minuet that has a minuett section and a trio section, in that order. the piece is supposed to play through to the end, then go back to the top and repeat up to the beginning of the trio section,where the song should end.

i placed a D.C. in the last measure, and sure enough, the song gets to the end and repeats from the top.

i put a Fine in the measure at the end of the minuett section, and musescore plays right through the Fine to the end of the trio section.

am i using Fine correctly, or is my understanding of how to use these repeats pretty much fried?

also, in the music i've worked with before, the sign is a circle with a plus sign imposed over it. musescore doesn't seem to have that same symbol. what is the musescore equivalent?

thanks for your patience!


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