A text frame in a part is repeated in all parts

• Jul 28, 2017 - 16:10

When adding a text frame to a part the text frame is repeated to all parts. Is this intentional?
I need a way to write at the end of some parts in a movement that they are silent (tacet) for the next movement(s). This of course does not apply to all parts. I've created a text frame in the "Flauto 1" part of the attached score.

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01_Partitur_Reformationskantate.mscz 351.11 KB


From the handbook:
Parts and score are "linked", which means that any change to the content in one will affect the other, but changes to the layout will not. When you have the parts created, they are saved along with the score (if you open the score you have tabs for the score and every part you created).
You can, however, save each part individually by selecting its tab and use File → Save As...


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