Text format not saved in 0.9.5

• Aug 14, 2009 - 18:47


In 0.9.5, german version:
I tried to format a text (titel, composer) to be aligned to the right or centred. But after saving the file and open it again, the text is aligned to the left again. Seams, that this format is not beeing saved.



I tried different versions to work with text. In all of them, the text makes mor or less strange movements, anyway if i move a hole textblock (left, center, right) or if i first doubleclick on the text, and then choose the format, or first choose the format and then write the text. In all the ways the text is aligned to the left again, when i saved and opend dokument again. It is also strange, that i can choose more then one format in ones, so left and right alignement together.

But i think, developer-team will find this problem soon.

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