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I've only been using Musescore since Nov. 19th, so about two and a half weeks. I have been doing OK with entering music, tempo, key signatures and a lot more. I have looked at video tutorials and read both the local and online help regarding formatting. I have used line and page breaks, many times with success. I have also looked at the other options under the "Style" and "Layout" menus. But for some reason, I just can't get this score to look right. First off, spacing between the instruments (piano treble and bass, and the violins) is not consistent throughout the score. Also, the spacing between systems doesn't want to change even if I change it, nothing seems to happen. Finally, the lyrics are all out of alignment. Now this is the first time (today) that I have entered lyrics, so I must have messed it up! I have attached the file, and if anyone can find the problems, I would really appreciate the help! I am really enjoying Musescore and I feel confident in making pretty rapid progress. But of course, there is a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance!

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I see that you made it very neat! Thank you. But I still don't know how you got the lyrics to line up, nor how you got the spaces between all the staves and systems all the same. What exactly did you do? And I also wonder why did changing the order of the instruments make a difference? These are things I would like to understand. Before I posted this question, I also tried changing the style>edit general style>page>staff distance but it didn't do anything. None of the spacing changed when I did it.

Thanks for your help, again!

In Style / Edit General Style / Page:

Accolade distance is distance between staves of a single instrument (eg, piano RH and LH)

Staff distance is distance between different instruments within a single system

System distance is distance between systems

However, changes to syste, distamce may appear to have no effect at first if you page is fuller than the Page fill threshold you have set. If your page is fuller than that, MuseSocre automatically adds extra space betwene syste,s to make them fill out the page. If you don't want this, set the threshold to 100%. Then you'll see the actual effects of your System distance setting right away.

I'll try (bear the inadequacy of language)
Click on the syllable "pi" (measure 9), Ctrl + up arrow;
I write pi, then "-" twice, I write "ning";
Forward to the end of the lyrics.
Delete old lyrics.

If, after a syllable, use AltGr + hyphen it remains near the syllable (in Italian: sign of interruption);

If, after a syllable, use AltGr + space and enter another syllable, get two syllables belong to the same note

First I deleted all "Break or spacer", let MuseScore do its job;
I selected zero "fix number of measures"
I edited Style / Edit General Style, as in the previous image, and then select "add less strech";

I moved all the lyrics together;

Instruments and singing, I'm not a musician, that's just my opinion:
When I consider the song as the protagonist insert the "voice" above and below the accompaniment.

I attach (as usual) a image hoping to clarify (with the email you solved?)

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