Loop/repeat somes bars and change SoundFonts on Android

• Dec 16, 2013 - 16:55

Hello, I'm a french bass choir singer, new to MuseScore (was formerly on Melody assistant) which is clearly a GREAT app.
To me it would a greater one if :
-On android version it could be possible to change the soundFont.
-On all versions it could be possible to select some contiguous bars (even on several voices, as with Melody Assistant), and make them 'play', with ability to loop. Very useful for me when I practice some hard-to-get musical sentance.

In any case, you're doing good job, please go on.


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Hi Jojo-Schmitz,
I know it's not very smart, but I copy and paste the comment I already sent to Shoichi who answered an other question I asked :
You have to know 2 things :
-First of all I greatly appreciate less-than-an-hour replies to my questions. It's to cool to be true !
-I tried the 'nightly build', discovered what 2.0 will be and I can't get rid of it. Definitively MuseScore is my app. I'll donate immediatly.

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