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• Dec 18, 2013 - 18:27

Hello, not sure I'm in the correct forum, It may not be a bug.

So, I'm using nightly build 3d61a7d, and I want to "reset" note's velocities for the entire score (let's say that the velocities are, hmmm... 'scrambled'), to further modify them accordings to dynamics (pp, mf, aso.) and hairpins.
When I select a single note, I can modify the velocity with inspector, no problem. If I do select..all similar object, I can change the value in Inspector, but other notes are not affected. What do you think of that ?

By the way, If I understand well, with the tempo you did the job (I didn't test, that's what I understand from the online handbook) : When you place a text 'Andante 1/4=75), from now on the actual tempo of the score is andante, until another tempo is defined. Couldn't you do the same thing with velocity ?
I explain, imagine you have some editable parameters somewhere saying, for (bad) example ppp=10, pp=20, etc., fff=127, and that, when you put 'mf' on a part, all notes from this indication get automatically the defined velocity, until further indication. We could imagine the same thing with hairpins, with a "%" parameter of increase/decrease.
I'm not a musician, only a choir singer, so forgive me if my suggestion is pure bullshit.


I believe you *can* define the behavior of dynamics, if a bit indirectly. I don't think there is a way to change the default for the dynamics currently on the palette, but you can add one to your score, changes its velocity using the Inspector, then add that modifed dynamic to the palette (Ctrl+Shift+drag).

I assume it's a bug that using the Inspector to change note properties after a select all similar only affects one note. It seems to work correctly for multi-select accomplished by other means (ctrl+click, shift+click, shift+drag, shift+

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and make some plug-in that can reset all note's velocities. Found something (http://musescore.org/en/project/resetvelocities), but .js, no .qml.

I searched for plugin's object model, especially the note object to start , found this : http://musescore.org/en/plugin-development/note-object, which seems to be oldy. Do you know where I can get then 2.0 one ?

PS : I searched on the entire site for veloOffset, which seems to be an actual note's property, get 0 hit.

I had the exact same problem with scores received from another program where the dynamics did not at all match the original score (likewise the various tempi).

It would indeed be nice with a reset function in MuseScore however if you are a Mac or Linux/Unix user or have access to such a system I've found a workaround.

However you need to be somewhat comfortable getting into to a Mac OS or Linux shell.

First you need to export your score to XML format.

I found that the dynamics are notated like this:
< note default-x="180.12" default-y="-530.00" dynamics="66.67">
< note default-x="101.45" default-y="-560.00" dynamics="102.22">

(There shouldn't be a space between the "<" and "note" but it is interpreted as a HTML tag otherwise :-))

You need to this converted to:
< note default-x="101.45" default-y="-560.00">
< note default-x="180.12" default-y="-530.00">

You can accomplish this by applying the following command (assuming you have exported your score to the file ”original.xml”):

sed -E 's/ dynamics=\"[0-9]+.[0-9]+\">/>/' < original.xml > modified.xml

The ”-E” option is MAC OS specific – for some Linux/Unix systems you may need to use the ”-r” option instead.

If you want to delete all tempo settings do this:

grep -v "< sound tempo=" original.xml >modified.xml

(again -- remove the space between "<" and "sound")
Or you can combine the two:

grep -v "< sound tempo=" original.xml | sed -E 's/ dynamics=\"[0-9]+.[0-9]+\">/>/' > modified.xml

Then import the modified.xml file into MuseScore.

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I'm not sure what might be going on specially with the file you are looking at, but in general, resetting all note velocities to default should be possible from within MsueScore - no need to resort to manual editing of mscx files. From MuseScore, select all, right click one note, select / all similar elements in range selection, then use Inspector to reset the velocities. The non-obvious part is the need to right click / select / all similar..., but I'm hoping to address that - see http://musescore.org/en/node/37946

Are you seeing some case where there isn't sufficient?

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