Note entry creates new staff?

• Dec 27, 2013 - 07:33

This was ... interesting, and a little frustrating. I had a score in which I needed to edit a measure. One measure. But every time I tried to change notes in that measure, MS kept generating another staff in which to put the note. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong until, in sheer frustration, I tried entering a note in my target measure about four times -- and realized that the staffs I had hidden with "hide empty staves" were reappearing and being populated. The only way I could edit the target measure was to disable "hide empty staves." Is this documented somewhere? If so, I haven't encountered it. If not, then there's a bug either in the program or in the doco. FYI: ver 1.3 on a win7 box.

Merry Christmas, all.


Not sure what you mean. Editing a measure in one staff has no effect on other staves, but if you your edit ends up changing the layout of the page - forcing a measure onto a different system, for instance - then it's possible that will affect which systems are in fact empty, so staves formerly hidden will need to be made visible. MuseScore does all that automatically and I'm not aware of any bugs in that mechanism. It certainly does not normally ever place notes in any staff other than the one you are editing. So my guess is you are misunderstanding something about what is happening.

As always when asking questions about problems ypu are having, it would help if you posted the score and describe exactly - step by step - what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

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