Change note to which chord symbol is attached

• Dec 29, 2013 - 15:31

For reasons I won't go into I have a number of lead sheets in which the chord symbols are 'attached' to the wrong notes - they are displaced one or two notes to the right. I can drag them to the right position but they are still apparently 'attached' to the wrong note. Is there a way to change the actual attachment?


Only by re-entering them attached to the correct note.

Also, you can select each chord change, delete it and then click the proper note and add it there (Ctrl-x/Ctrl-c).

A tip for you (apologies if you have already worked this one out):

Add an instrument below the one with the chords. Copy everything from the first instrument to the new one. Right-click on one of the chords in the first instrument -> Select -> All similar Elements in Same Stave and press [Del]. Now you can more easily copy the chords without the old ones being in the way and without deleting and re-writing as you go. Remove the extra instrument once you're finished.

Thanks for the responses. My main reason for wanting to correct the chord attachments was that I expected that simply moving the chord symbols to the correct notes would be a problem when viewing the scores in MuseScore Player since this changes the layout to fit the screen. However first impressions are that the chord symbols stay aligned where I want them in the Player.

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Still, if I were you I'd trust your original instincts on this. Who knows if that layout won't change someday after an update, or after an edit to your score. And if chord symbol playback facilities are ever added, you'd want those synchronized correctly. Also export to MusicXML or other forms. If there are a ton of chords in many charts that need moving, and it's not cusing any problems *right now*, I maybe wouldn't stop everything and tackle it all now, but I'd definitely be making an effort to get it right in the future, and maybe slowly clean up existing scores.

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