How many files can you have open at once?

• Jan 3, 2014 - 04:34

Is there a limit to the number of files MS can have open at one time? My recent files list is maybe 15 items deep. I can open a whole bunch of files at once. However, when I close out of MS with the default set to reopen my last session, sometimes not all of the files reopen. I'm thinking this apparent memory limit also has something to do with a problem I just had with notes hanging on playback, because I've never had notes hanging on playback before. In fact, notes were hanging when I merely selected them; switching to another open file stopped the sound. I made the changes I found in a previous post ("Hanging MIDI Notes on Playback"); but even making those changes didn't affect my scores (plus there were numerous hoops through which I had to jump to be able to make those changes; I have a feeling that the problem may lie in some conversions some of you kind folks made for me, as my instrument lists don't show instruments, but a lot of lines of MusicXML. Not complaining; just thinking perhaps there's an interaction here, especially when I push the envelope).

Running MS 1.3 rev 5702 on a Win7 64-bit system. While you're pondering this particular query, I'm going to shut down my MS window and reopen it just to see what happens.


Update: As I said, I closed down my session and reopened it. I had eight files open when I closed it down; only six reopened. Now, to be fair, two of those files are relatively large (all files in question are SATB with organ and occasionally descant from a setting of the Catholic Mass I'm updating to reflect recent changes to the prayers; and the largest files are settings of the Gloria with and without refrain). But I've seen this before when I had other files open, mostly a group of big band scores I've been working on for a while. But this behavior is giving me the impression that there's a practical limit to how many files -- or perhaps more accurately, how many measures or notes or something -- one can have open at any given time before overloading the program. It would appear I have to modify my work habits.

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This may be, and it might depend on how much memroy your computer has. But I've successfully had big band scores with all parts opened before, and I've never noticed problems with some not appearing on restart.

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