Baritone Treble Clef

• Jan 9, 2014 - 20:56

I remember from my marching band that many scores contain both a treble clef and bass clef baritone part. Currently in Musescore I only see the "Baritone Horn" option which is in bass clef. I understand I can create an instrument by using the instruments.xml file, so that is what I'll probably do.

My question is this: How does the baritone TC part transpose from the baritone BC part? Is it written an octave higher in the treble clef (but then sounds an octave lower when played)? Should I use the Baritone Horn sound settings and then just use a treble clef? Is it typically written with an octave clef? I wish I'd looked closer at the parts during my music librarian days...

I've also found online that a marching baritone is in the key of B flat. Yet the Baritone Horn part does not transpose when I take it out of concert pitch (as if it were a C instrument). Is the internet misleading me?


Typically, bass clef baritone horn parts are written at concert pitch. Treble clef parts are transposed an octave plus a major second - just like tenor saxophone or bass clarinet. That is, they are treated as Bb instruments. The idea is to make it possible for trumpet players to play baritone parts without learning a) how to read bass clef and b) a whole new set of fingerings.

I don't think they'd normally be written using an octave clef, but of course you could use one, in which case you'd only set the transposition to major second.

I think 2.0 already provides both options - or at least, I know it was discussed.

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