Three and Four Staves for Piano Composing

• Jan 23, 2014 - 21:00


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am working on my second piano sonata and, at times, I need three or four staves. Other times, I only need the standard two staves. How do I do this in musescore to where the additional staves are there when needed and gone when not? I have tried different things, all of which have been futile. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.



I am thinking that one of the "futile" things that you have tried included ticking the "Hide Empty Staves" box? MuseScore should really have said "Hide Empty Instruments" since it doesn't hide an empty piano stave

You can get around this somewhat by creating a score with two (or more) pianos and by deleting the unwanted staves from the Instruments menu. Then when you hide an empty stave it will work. You will also need to change the appearance of the brackets.

Sadly, the few pieces I've seen that use more than two piano staves (such as Tansman;s Etude-Scherzo) also seem to need cross-staff beaming and you can't (easily) cross-staff beam between two different instruments.

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