BUG REPORT (Problem with switching staves)

• Aug 13, 2017 - 04:01

the note pointing to is F5, which means it is not 8va-ed.
I input F5 in the second staff, and Ctrl+Shift+up, it should be displayed in the first space in the first staff, isn't it?

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The problem is that the F is in the left hand and cross staff notation is used to move it to the right hand. You will need to select the F in question and add an 8va to just than note, you can then make the 8va invisible.

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Good deductive reasoning. To elaborate; (we think) the OP expects the F to appear in the first space and then be raised an octave by the 8va in upper stave. BUT MuseScore only applies the 8va to one stave and to the notes that are native to that stave so that notes that have been cross-staff-beamed are therefore not affected. Since the F started as a top-line F in the bottom stave (note the treble clef) it remains a top-line F in the upper stave. In that case we apply your solution of adding a 8va for only that note.

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