Can't hear playback

• Feb 2, 2014 - 09:54

I'm new to musescore and just installed it for my first time. Everything looks great, but for some reason I can't hear any sound during playback.

I have checked the mixer and synthesizer settings in the program, Windows mixer settings, and playback devices settings. I have confirmed that I can play Midis in other programs and that all other sound works (when you quit the program without saving a sound plays for example). I've looked through other forum threads and searched online but found nothing. I reinstalled the program with no luck.

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


I don't use Windows but many others do.

Can you state your Windows version, MS version and what your settings are in Edit -> Preferences -> I/O and when the Windows users wake up today they might be able to help.

Best course of action is to post the score which doesn't play, along with your Windows/MuseScore versions.
Barring that, does the 'Reunion' example score, which opens by default, play?

I had that problem-- could not hear anything when I tried to play an open score. I just downloaded the Musescore update. Replaced the old Musescore when it asked me if I wanted to. When I went into the updated Musescore, I could hear the playback again.

To check for updates (on a Mac), click Help, then Check for Update.

in the mixer there is green button "S" and a red button "M"
be sure that the "M" red button is not lit red. that is the mute button for your playback

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