Score text

• Aug 17, 2017 - 02:47

How do I make all text, chord symbols, lyrics, all text on the score, in the Muse Jazz format?


It's in the works. See:

Presently, for Musejazz chord symbols, see:

For others, you may have to do it piecemeal by choosing the Musejazz font for the various score elements (lyrics, text, etc.). Look in menu item: Style / Text where you can change default fonts to Musejazz.

Alternatively, to create and assign your own text styles, see:…


The easiest way is to simply start from one of Jazz templates in the first place - Jazz Lead Sheet, Jazz Combo, or Jazz Big Band. However, if you started from a different template for whatever reason, you can change the text styles manually via the Style / Text menu. Or create the new score using one of the Jazz templates then copy and paste your existing content into it. In theory you could also create a new score using one of the Jazz templates, use Style / Save Style to save the settings as an MSS file, then load this into your score via Style / Load Style. But currently this won't actually update the text elements right away, you'd also need to select them all and click "Reset Text to Style" in the Inspector.

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