Alternate Notation Symbols

• Feb 4, 2014 - 23:34

I've been trying to add some alternate notation symbols from my Mac, specifically the triangle sign (∆) which shows up quite nicely here, but not in Musescore. There are some others that I might like to use, as seen in my Jamey Aebersold volumes. Any ideas on this one? Thanks, as always.


I assume ypu want the triangle for chord symbols. If so, read the Handbook section on [[nodetitle:Chordname]] . As you will see, you just need to change your chord name style to cchords_sym. Then the triangle will automatically render when you type a major chord as "ma". Don't try to trick MuseScore by using the actual triangle symbol in whatever font you are using; it won't be recognized, which will prevent MuseScore from being able to transpose the chord, also preventing it from displaying flat and sharp signs properly, etc. Chords have to be entered the way MuseScore expects them, but you have several choices for how to set MsueScore's expections. as explained in that link.

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