Note Names - Vertical

• Feb 9, 2014 - 06:50

I modified the display direction of Note Names plugin.


Vertical display is more suitable than horizontal.

var CrLf = '\r\n';
while (!cursor.eos()) {
if (cursor.isChord()){
var text = new Text(curScore);
text.defaultFont = font;
text.yOffset = 6;
text.xOffset = 0;
var chordlength = cursor.chord().notes;
var len = 0;
while (len < chordlength){ // from Bottom to Top
text.text += cursor.chord().note(len).name+CrLf; // set CRLF code between note names.
len += 1;

Hiroshi Tachibana

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Hi guys. Is there a way to name notes and chords in a vertical way as opposed to horizontally? I'm an improvisation teacher in Cape Town South Africa and really need the names of the notes in the left hand to appear on the right of each note iro the left hand. I don't want it in noteheads. Any advice?

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