When copied, slurs do not propagate to parts.

• Aug 20, 2017 - 17:05

When I copy from one instrument to another, the notes propagate to the parts, but the slurs do not. I have to delete the slurs and reenter them on the second instrument.

I have tried to attach an example file, but I don't see an indication that the file was actually uploaded. I have a score which includes Sax 1 and Sax 2 instruments, with parts for Sax 1 (Alto Sax 1) , Sax 2 (Alto Sax 2), and both (Duet). I copied four measures from Sax 1 to Sax 2 and changed the notes to match the original (apparently not copyrighted) score. The score page showed the Sax 2 slurring in the Score and in the Alto Sax 2 part, but not in the duet part.

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