May I Post a >wav file?

• Aug 20, 2009 - 16:52

I am creating a couple of "demo" .wav compositions created with MuseScore. They are large (> 100 MB even after compression). I would like to attach them to posts in General discussion. Please advise.

The .wav files are the first and second movements of Schubert's Symphony # 8 ("Unfinished").



Hi misterdls,

I'm afraid you can only share 2 MB files on the forum. However, it an ideal solution for you to share your work via youtube (use any movie maker program, import you audio track, put a nice picture on top of it, and render a video file) or via any other audio sharing website such as Easiest solution is to create an mp3 of your wave file and put it somewhere on a public file sharing website but then you can't get comments or ratings on it.

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Ow!. Yes, B-flat should be B-natural both times. Thanks! Easy for me to miss the violin one, I suppose, but for me not to hear the bad final chord of the second movement, that's embarassing! I am attaching the corrected versions.

In my research I was fascinated by the Wikipedia article on this piece. Seems there's an error introduced into the first movement by an editor who did not like a dissonance Schubert used. I compared 2 editions and the 'correction' appears in both, so I left it alone. I thought about trying both and deciding what to do, but I am just an amateur having some fun, so ...

I wish I could talk a lot more with a professional like yourself. I started (and ended, alas) playing cello in high school, and I quickly fell in love with music. I miss playing so much.

I really appreciate that you took the time and looked at this seriously.

Thanks again.

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