Drum Rolls are Silent

• Feb 14, 2014 - 21:52

Is there a way to actually make drum rolls come out instead of single notes when I write them? Every time I write down rolls, it's only 1 hit.


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Automatically playback of rolls / tremolo is not supported in the current version. If for some reason you need to hear the playback effect, you can enter a bunch of 32nd notes manually. For 2.0, direct playback will be supported.

Playback of ordinary dynanuics (p, mf, ff, etc) *is* supported for the current version. They affect only the current instrument, so attachng dynamics to a guitar part won't affect a drum part or vice versa, but dynamics attached to drum parts to do. Crescendo/diminuendo is another matter. This will be supported directly in 2.0, but meanwhile, you can install and run the crescendo plugin (see Plugins in the menu at right of this page) to manually add the necessary playback info to selected passages.

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