Fluid-soundfont bug- not recognizing

• Feb 18, 2014 - 00:51

Hey. I downloaded the fluid-soundfont from the musescore soundfonts page, tehn I downloaded zip7, unzipped it into the Musescore sound folder. Was successful as far as I can tell. I can see it when I open the file, but when I browse for it on the Musescore synthesizer it doesn't show up. I restarted the computer, too.


You can actually put it in any folder you want. It's possible your OS is not allowing you to add folder to the protected folder containing the MuseScore installation, so you might be better off putting it somewhere safer to write to.

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You sure you have the right file after extracting / uncompressing? Should be called "FluidR3_GM.sf2". If it ends in anything but ".sf2", you're not done extracting / uncompressing, and MuseScore won't recognize it.

Also, what OS, what version of MuseScore?

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