A bit frustrating sometimes

• Feb 20, 2014 - 10:48

I love Musescore but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating!

I am notating the tenor and bari sax parts of a quartet piece. I put in a key change at bar 37 no problem and carry on to bar 55 where I want to put in another key change tenor sax from the key of G to the key of C and Bari sax from the key of D to the key of G, but dear old Musescore won't let me put in the key change. I've tried everything to try to get this key change in but it just won't accept it and it's stopped me working on this piece.

Any suggestions as to what's going on here would be most welcome.

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OK thanks.

I've managed to do it, but ony by deleting all the empty bars and about 10 of the bars I had already notated then adding them back again. Before I did that when I dragged the key signature over from the key signature block the bar wouldn't 'fill' as it does to allow the change to take place, nomatter where I dragged the change to within the bar, so I have no idea what was wrong there.

I'm on Win 8 but I've had no problems at all with it so far.

Thanks again for your helpful reply.

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For key signatures, the handbook reads: 'Drag a key from the palette onto an empty part of a measure. This creates a key at the beginning of the measure.'

However, there is a 'sweet spot' outside of which the cursor will not 'fill' the bar - i.e. turn it a different color.
Be aware that its size is much smaller on empty measures which are close together - like your bar 55 in this attachment.

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I didn't have any trouble either. Could have been MuseScore temporarily got itself into some sort of inconsistent state. Too late now, I guess, but in your experimentation, did you try closing and re-opening the score? How about restarting MuseScore? Those are both useful things that can restore normal behavior if things go awry. The fact that two of us had no problems with the score once we loaded makes me think it would have worked for you to reload/restart.

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