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• Aug 28, 2017 - 04:45

I'm trying to arrange a Big Band chart and want to have a Tenor Sax play flute but everything I try doesn't work well. I've change sound in Mixer to flute but it still sounds like TS; I've changed notes by transpose to get the proper key signature since drag and drop isn't taking; I've input notes in the correct key but they playback according to the TS key, not the flute key. The flute doubles the piano for part and they are a tone apart but scored the same. Please help if you can. I've spent about 3 hours on this 'simple' problem but can't solve it.

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You made this instrument change far more difficult than it needs to be. It appears that you never right clicked on the change instrument text (the word Flute) and selected change instrument... and change the instrument to flute. You will want to not put the instrument change on the first beat, since you have that option. If the instrument change is on the first beat it will change the name of the instrument, which you probably don't want. Other than that, the key signature is correct, the playback is correct. If there are already notes on the page, they will be changed and probably be in the wrong octave and transposed. You need to change the instrument before you enter its notes.

Everything you did will need to be undone when you change back to sax. This early in the score I would create a new instrument for tenor sax, put the proper notes in it and delete the existing one. Same with 2nd alto.

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