Need help with coda and repeat.

• Mar 1, 2014 - 06:09

I am a newbie. I tried to input DS al coda and such but it still doesn't work quite correctly going by the reference on the pdf music sheet. Please help. Thanks.

I tried to make the mcsz file as faithful to the pdf as possible. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Please go ahead and make changes/correction, esp regarding the coda issue.

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If you are looking for an exact copy of the PDF then , yes, read up on Voltas and how MuseScore treats them but, if not...

I know people often like to copy a piece faithfully or strive to use as few pages as possible but when voltas get this big (span so many measures) and you have a DS jumping back just to play a few measures (OK, you have fifteen in this case, so about an extra page) I tend to look for an alternative way.

Splitting the piece into sections it reads something like, A, B, C, A, B, D, B, E where A is the bit up till the Segno, B the next bit, C the 1st Volta, A, B, D (the 2nd Volta) then back to play B and then jump to E. If you break it down into sections then write them down in the order they will be played you can often come up with an alternative that only requires a DC al Coda and no repeats or Voltas; provided, of course, that you don't need an exact copy of the original and you don't mind using an extra page.

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So i think i learned a little about volta (wonder where that word is from). Anyway, was doing another transcription on "(Everything I do) I do it for you", i notice the 2nd volta for: seems to be not correct.

I've attached my more annotated ver with lyrics and hopefully correct placement of 2nd volta.

Much appreciated if someone can check and tell me if my version is more correct compared to the pdf score. Thanks.

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