How do I use more than 4 voices / If impossible, Any ideas on how I can create a boing sound effect in only one staff?

• Sep 1, 2017 - 17:27

I am composing using Musescore and since it's only a notation software, I found myself in a difficulty creating a boing sound effect. I used didgeridoo. After glissandos and arpeggios didn't turn out to be the solution, I realized that I need to use a bunch of notes that cover up each other, all while under crescendo (in my case, I edited the velocity of each one separately). I was forced to use voices so that I don't need 4 staves. But eventually, 4 16th aren't enough to make it sound the way I want, and I'll need 8 32th; Impossible when having 4 voices. Any tips?

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That might help; However, I was wondering if I can do this with what Musescore has given me by default, since I'll upload to the site. I've pretty much succeed, I only need either one of these: More voices than just 4, another method for creating the sound effect, or something like a hidden staff. I need to know if any of these is possible; And if not, I'll just jump to creating another staff.

Thanks for the advice.

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A couple of other options:

  • if you do find a soundfont you like, you are welcome to upload the audio for your file when you upload the score to (this is a new feature for 2.1)

  • instead of using multiple voices or invisible staves, you could use the Pianoroll Editor to tweak the start and end times of notes to make them overlap - at least, I assume the overlap is the reason you are wanting multiple voices in the first place? Not totally clear.

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