Slurs start before note

• Mar 8, 2014 - 09:39

I just built from the latest source (673c2df), and now slurs all start well before the note with which they are associated.

Also, I deleted some slurs, and then deleted some parts, saved the score, and now when I try to open the file, Musescore crashes. I have attached the score and am hoping someone can help so I don't have to rebuild it from scratch.

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1-Kyrie_msv2.mscz 68.75 KB


I have also found some other scores that were created in v2 that cause this version to crash. Additionally, I have noticed that when you close a score, the main tab remains. It seems that there are a number of things that are messed up with this revision.

Btw, I did find a backup of my score and can open it in the revision from 2 weeks ago so don't need any specific help with that, but hope it will help someone else figure out what has gone wrong.


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The leftover tab has been around for months; that's not new. And as for crashes opening scores created in earlier experimental builds, that isn't necessarily messed up - there is never any guarantee that this will work, since details of the format may change without warning. On the other hand, it's certainly worth investigating, so you might want to post a score you are having problems with so someone can take a look to be sure it's an "expected" crash. There's no way anyone can do anything abut it otherwise.

Standard warning applies: you should *not* be using experimental development builds for real work, as things like this will be pretty much guaranteed to keep happening until things are more stable.

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