Correct aspect ratio of score - import from Finale via MusicXML

• Mar 9, 2014 - 16:46


So I exported a Finale 2012 score to MusicXML and imported it into MuseScore 1.3. It seems like in Finale, the page format was set to 215.9x279.4 mm which leads to an aspect ratio of ~0.77.

Now, in MuseScore, whenever I export such a score, it will have that Finale aspect ratio and not that of A4 which is ~0.71, despite A4 being selected in the settings in MuseScore.

Do you have any idea how I can fix this, given I already have such a score? I don't want to export another time from Finale with correct dimensions and have to redo everything I've changed in MuseScore.

I'll add a placeholder score generated by the import process described above as an example which demonstrates the problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I rely on Google translator.
I opened your score: Layout / Page settings is set to "Letter". I think that when you import a file
the settings of it take over.
But I can select Page size as A4, just a few clicks...

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Wow. Now I am embarrassed,for some reason I always overlooked the Layout/Page-Menu (in the German version, it is named in a misleading way) and only edited the standard settings in the preferences or searched in the styles-menu.

Thank you very much.

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"Seiteneinstellungen" is applicable, but "Darstellung" sounds to me like an in-editor-representation and not what the score is supposed to look like on a real sheet of paper. I would suspect page-layout-settings to be found in "Layout" (as it is in English), but not in "Darstellung".

I understand that the use of anglicisms is avoided, but "Layout" is one of those words that do not have a good counterpart in German, imho.

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If you picked "Gestaltung", I could not understand why there's also "Format". But yes, maybe "Gestaltung" is better than "Darstellung", though not that much.

Still, my opinion is that you should not force yourself to use German words no matter what. Sometimes there is just no fitting word. Out of the words listed here… , there is none that comes as close as "Layout" does itself.

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