Pitch Slide Bug

• Sep 5, 2017 - 19:52

I have noticed that if you stop score playback while an instrument was doing a pitch bend, the instrument will stay tuned according to where it was when it stopped until another pitch bend is played. This may be confusing, so...
I have a score that has a cymbal with a pitch bend, with a point at the beginning at 2 semitones up, and the only other point is at the end, at 0 semitones. The cymbal is a whole note. So I play that measure but stop playback in the middle of the measure. Then, I rewind to the beginning (where the drumset has other drums, with no pitch bends), and start playing. The drums sound weird... that's because they're tuned up about a semitone.
I hope I explained it enough, I'm not very good at explaining...


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