Bug with "hide empty staves" function + cross-staff barline and system bracket

• Mar 12, 2014 - 18:47

I've come into a bug in a piano concerto.

1) have a score with piano staves plus orchestra staves (I guess it doesn't have to be a piano...)
2) orchestra staves have a continuous bar-line from top instrument to bottom instrument
3)when the notes are all there, activate "hide empty staves" in the global style.

=> Where the top and/or the bottom instrument doesn't play, ie its staff is hidden, the bug occurs: the bar-line goes messy in varied ways according to whether
- the top instrument is there but not the bottom one (the barline goes up instead of down and no barline for the other instr. down there)
- the top instrument is not there (no barline at all)

I attach a prototype.
hide empty staves bug.mscz

If you then add a system bracket to the orchesta, form top inst. to bottom instr., the hide function will mess it up as well.

Sorry if it has already been reported! Best wishes!

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hide empty staves bug.mscz 2.44 KB


Can you reproduce the problem with a current nightly build? MuseScore 1.x won't receive further fixes...
I can't reproduce, checked with github-musescore-musesore-2277bc (the latest), self build, on Windows 7

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I've opened your score in both, 1.3 and the latest nightly build. In the former I could see missing barlines, in that latter I could not. So I assume whatever the bug was, that it is fixed now (or rather: will be fixed in the next version)

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...a saved copy of the score *before* you hid the empty staves? Perhaps a backup copy?
Presumably, it should look like my attachment 'Empty Staves Not Hidden.mscz' which was generated from Shoichi's 'hide empty staves C.mscz' (which is posted above).
See if my attachment displays properly for you when you open it and hide the empty staves.


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Empty Staves Not Hidden.mscz 2.44 KB

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