Copying notes with associated lyrics, articulation, accents, etc

• Mar 19, 2014 - 13:27

Why single notes loses its attributes during the CtrlX/CtrlV operation?


Actually, articulations like accents *are* copied. And often, you wound't *want* lyrics copied, because you plan to have new lyrics for the new copy of the melody. Other times you do want it. All of this is changed for 2.0, hopefully for the better, but there is still no control over exactly what gets copied and what does not, so there will doubtless still be cases where you wish something was copied that isn't, or vice versa. But it is also possible to copy lyrics, articulation, etc as a group *without* copying the notes. Feel free to download a nightly build and report your findings as to how well it meets your expectations.

Keeping lyrics and hairpins ("<") may be useful during Ctrl-x operation, when only moving required. I really hope 2.x will be better))) I spent so much time trying to fix strange things after copying: undeletable "3/4" BEFORE the treble clef, few null-sized empty bars, few shifted bars (swooped to the previous one)... And regular crashes is not nice too...


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Not sure what you mean, or if you are talking about 1.3 or 2.0 when you describe apparent bugs. If 1.3, you could post about them and people can suggest workarounds - generally., 1.3 is pretty rock solid if you know how to work it. A for 2.0, it's still in develoipment, but if you're seeing a bug, be sure to report it fully or no one will be able to fix it.

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